The Veterinary Dentist

Welcome to specialist Veterinary Dentistry and Oral Surgery

We offer a specialist veterinary dentistry and

oro-facial surgery referral service

The Veterinary Dentist

Cedric Tutt Diplomate EVDC



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The Veterinary Dentist offers the following services:

Root canal therapy,

surgical extraction of teeth,

dental restoration,

oral surgery and oral cancer surgery 

in pet and wildlife animals.

These services are provided in:

Cape Town, UK, UAE, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Periodontal therapy

  • 80% of older dogs and cats suffer from periodontitis (inflammation of  gums, root surface, periodontal ligament and bony tooth socket).
  • Periodontal therapy includes: removal of plaque and calculus from the tooth crown and root and may involve gum surgery.

Dental radiography and radiology 

  •  the art of taking radiographs and the science of interpreting them. Although we can examine an animal’s teeth by opening its mouth, we can only examine the "inside of the tooth" and the roots within the jaw bone by taking dental radiographs or using other more advanced imaging technologies.